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Am I at risk from flooding?

How will my property and belongings be affected?

Exposure to floodwater can cause severe damage to your property and belongings. As well as the risk to items that would be damaged if, for example, they were dropped in the bath (such as electrical goods), flood water is usually very dirty and may be contaminated with sewage and silt which can cause additional damage. If the floodwater comes from the sea or a tidal estuary, the salt can cause irreparable damage to any metal item in the house.

Items most at risk are:

  1. Furniture.
  2. Wall finishes.
  3. Wood.
  4. Fittings and fixtures.
  5. Electrical goods.
  6. MDF or chipboard furniture.
  7. Floor finishes.
  8. Electrical circuitry.

Also at risk are personal effects such as photographs, paintings and paperwork that would be difficult or impossible to replace/repair. In extreme cases flooding can also compromise a property’s strength and cause a building to collapse, particularly in very deep or fast flowing water.

The level of damage caused by a flood can vary with the depth of the water and the duration of the flood. Usually the higher the water level, the worse the damage. Once the water rises above floor level it can come into contact with the interior furnishings and fittings in your house, causing damage.